Do you have any of these questions hopping around your mind?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by our customers:

Ans- Cost of a tattoo depends on various factors such as the size, the placement, the designs, the complexity, the time required and more..

Our basic prices stand at 2500/- which includes our setup cost. Additionally, we have structured our price according to the design of your tattoo. If it’s a simple design, then an additional 700-1000 INR would be the cost per sq. inch. If it’s a detailed tattoo with more intricate work, the additional cost stands at 1000 INR or according to the per hour charges of the artist you’re getting tattooed from. Each of our artist charge differently according to their expertise, experience & skills. Do keep in mind that it isn’t feasible for any tattoo artist to give you the exact price quote over text/call about your tattoo, let alone us. That is the reason we advise you to visit our studio, book a consultation session where our skilled artists would tend to every need of yours and provide you with a personalised price quote.

Detailed- 1000rs or per hour charges of the artist

Simple- 700-1000rs for additional sq. inch. 

Ans- Yes, we do provide free consultation sessions to everybody entering our studio. However, keeping in mind our artist’s time and dedication, the consultation session is free for the first 45 minutes since it begins. After that span, you shall be charged 1500/- according to our studio’s policies. Our artists will put immense effort into crafting your design based on the first consultation. If you want something entirely different, you might have to pay for the unforeseen editing, regardless.

Ans- We understand that the pain tolerance varies among individuals. Tattooing is not a painful process for most of the body parts. The pain is fun, easy, and bearable for most people. Some people are better at resisting pain, yet others are more sensitive to it. It also depends on the size of your tattoos, the bigger the tattoo, the more the pain.

Ans- Yes, in accordance with local regulations, you must be 18 years old to get a tattoo. Valid identification is required, and parental consent is necessary for minors.

Ans- Yes, indeed. All our artists are licensed professionals who have undergone extensive training to ensure that they meet the highest standards of hygiene, technique, and artistic expertise.

Ans- You can either contact us through our Instagram page (@theMeesha Tattooindia) or you can give us a call at +91 87458 01112. To book a specific time slot, you’ll be asked to make an advance payment of Rs 500 as a deposit to secure your appointment slot where you wouldn’t be disturbed by unnecessary walk-ins and our artists would be able to completely focus on you and your design. If you’re unable to call us, you can always email us at theMeesha

Ans- Yes, we require a deposit of mere 500/- to secure your appointment slot. Keeping in mind that the artist you’re getting tattooed from would be completely free at that time, would clear his/her schedule and completely focus on you and your tattoo. The deposit amount would then be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo.

Ans- At Meesha Tattoo, we welcome both your original designs and ideas. Our skilled artists have a lot of fun whipping something beautiful up for you based on your preference, personality, and your story. Feel free to show your artist any reference picture or inspiration image you’d want to get a design like, and they’ll customise the best designs for you.

Ans- The Meesha Tattoo and Piercing Studio is a Delhi based tattoo studio. We’re located in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4. To know our exact location, scroll down to the end of the page, you’ll find a google map link there!

Ans- Absolutely. We understand how stressful and regretful it is to carry a bad tattoo. Especially if it’s of an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend who you have no intentions of getting back together with. Our highly trained artists at Meesha Tattoo specialise in cover-up tattoos and are amazingly excelling at it all around Delhi. A tattoo is an art you wear for a lifetime so we would never want you to carry around a bad or damaged tattoo. We make it worth your while and turn it into a beautiful form of masterpiece for you to cherish. :’)

Ans- We offer a wide range of piercing services including earlobe, navel, nostril, dermal, belly, tongue, septum, eyebrow, medusa, Monroe, vertical labret, and so much more. We could go on and on about it. Our professional piercers discuss the placement options according to your needs and wants, make the whole process painless and smooth for you and highly insist on following our proper aftercare guide (which we discuss with our clients in detail) for a better piercing healing experience.

Ans- Each type of piercing is different and so is the stud/jewelry used for it. Lucky for you, we have it all. Evidently, we only use high-quality, hypoallergenic jewelry to minimize the risk of complications and infections. We only want the best for our clients.

Ans- The most important step after getting your tattoo is making sure it remains as beautiful and fresh as it was when you first got it. Afterall, it is an art you’re going to be wearing for a lifetime. Our artist makes sure to discuss every step of *our tattoo aftercare guide* with you in detail, leaving no room for doubts. We advise all our clients to properly follow our aftercare guide for a better tattoo healing experience. Keep in mind that if you do not follow the aftercare as advised by your artists, your artist shall not be liable for any damage your tattoo bears. For a more detailed understanding of our tattoo aftercare guide, *click here*

Ans- The most important step after getting a piercing is making sure no complications or infections occurs and the healing process of your piercing goes smoothly. Our skilled piercers advise each of our clients to properly follow every step of *our piercing aftercare guide* which they discuss with them, in detail. For a better understanding of our piercing aftercare guide, *click here*